Pre Marital Counseling 5 Week Series 

This is not your average pre-marital counseling!

This is a self-designed program to assist couples in learning to communicate with one another. Based on years of working with couples, I’m convinced that 95% of couple troubles can be traced back to communication differences.

This series is unique. It is secular. It is open to ANY couple planning for, or thinking about, marriage. Communication issues don’t discriminate due to age, gender, ethnicity, or who you love. Neither do I. :)

This workshop is designed to take place over five weeks in a row. The first four weeks we meet for two hours and the last week is a one hour wrap up.

The total cost is $640 which provides you a 10% discount off my standard hourly rate.

I’m biased, but I believe every couple deserves to add a good couples counseling series to their wedding planning.  My goal is for you to have tools that you can draw upon throughout your marriage.  

Before you jump in, you are welcome to come meet me for a half hour free consult.  Simply contact me to schedule.