Life is all about beginnings and endings.

Together, we can whole-heartedly embrace the fundamental transitions of life; from birth to death.

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Hi, I'm Kelli.  I'm the owner of Circle of Life Holistic Care and I'm glad you're here. 

I have incredible passion for life transitions, especially those that come through birth and death; I also have great trust in the strength and resilience of the human soul and sincerely love meeting and working with people as they make their way through their own personal transitions.

As you'll discover, I'm quite eclectic and quirky, and believe in the healing power of laughter.  I love the Seahawks and am a lifetime Mariners fan (proof that I never give up!).  Although I'm Circle of Life's only employee (which means I'm always employee of the month ;), you'll also find all these friends sharing my office:

feelings inside out

I look forward to meeting you and sharing your life transitions.




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Death Midwifery,


Aging & Dying Advocacy


Childbirth Classes,


Childbirth Educator & Birth Doula Workshops,


Death and Grief Workshops

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