As a Washington State Certified Counselor, I offer unique counseling and life coaching services.


I hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a minor in Sociology, a Masters Degree in Humanistic Gerontology with one of my core concentrations in Aging and the Family, and am a certified ARCH Healer.  I have a strong passion for each person's journey towards healing emotional wounds and enjoy assisting people on their path towards health and happiness.  I have specialties in working with people struggling during the pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum transition as well as those dealing with issues surrounding aging, grief and death.  I also do trauma counseling for people who have experienced, or been witness to, a traumatic event.  I specialize in birth trauma and have worked with parents, nurses, midwives, doctors, birth assistants and doulas.  Additionally, I work with birth professionals who often come simply to debrief after various birth experiences.  I also see many people who come to me with concerns that fall outside of all the above specialties.  Although I have specific specialties, I work with people who are dealing with many different issues including (but not limited to), general depression and/or anxiety, anger, past and/or current abuse, as well as family and marriage difficulties.  We all have wounds that deserve healing.  

I do not view counseling as someone telling you what to do to feel better.  I believe that the most effective counseling is when people have an opportunity to say anything that is on their mind, share stories they may have never shared before, FEEL all that needs to be felt and have a trusted individual validate those thoughts and feelings and perhaps shine a light or two on a path, or paths, that may not have previously been visible to the client.  

I have offices in both Tacoma and Port Orchard and they are both casual, warm and inviting.  Coffee, tea and water are always available and there are an abundance of throw pillows which can be held, punched or thrown as the mood strikes.  :)   You can kick off your shoes and snuggle up in a big chair or stretch out on one of the couches.  You get to decide where, and how, you feel most comfortable.   This journey is about YOU!