Birth Doula Workshop

Birth Doula Workshop

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Are you interested in a career as a birth doula? Are you a midwifery student looking to complete your birth doula workshop component?  Are you a current birth professional or nurse seeking continuing education credits? 

Come spend a weekend in historic Downtown Tacoma and take part in an International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) Birth Doula & Labor Support Workshop.

For the 20-hour Birth Doula workshop in Tacoma, there is a $75 discount if you register 3 weeks or more prior to the workshop.  You will see the sale price on any workshop that is still 3 or more weeks out.   $150 of the workshop fee is non-refundable.  The remaining amount is refundable up to three weeks prior to the first day of the workshop for which you registered.  After that time, there are no refunds available.  (Keep reading beyond the "Add to Cart" button below for more detailed information on this workshop.)  

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My workshops meet the training requirements towards certification as an ICEA Certified Professional Birth Doula (Click on the ICEA logo above to find out more about ICEA and to get more information about the various paths towards certification as an ICEA Birth Doula).  If you are currently certified through ICEA and looking for continuing education credits, this workshop provides you 16 credit hours needed towards recertification.  Additionally, the workshops are approved for 16 nursing contact hours and 16 R-CERPs.

I am both a certified childbirth educator and birth doula trainer through ICEA and have over 17 years of experience in the field of childbirth.  I bring with me both an expansive knowledge of the professional field of birth doulas and childbirth education as well as a strong sense of humor, which makes workshop weekends both educational and fun!  

The Birth Doula and Labor Support Workshop is 20 hours long.  It runs from Noon - 5pm on a Thursday afternoon and then 9am-5pm on the following Friday and Saturday.  I offer this workshop 2-4 times a year in Tacoma.  The 4 hour first evening portion of the workshop adds a dimension to my Birth Doula and Labor Support workshop that you don't find everywhere.  It is an intimate evening and an opportunity for the group to bond in a deep and meaningful way.  Many friendships have been fostered from my birth doula workshops.  One of my goals in this workshop is to bring new doulas together in a supportive, welcoming environment so that they can offer sincere care and support to their clients AND to other birth doulas in their community.   This is not a solo career.  It is vital to have support of other Birth Doulas as well.  My desire is that by the time a person leaves my Birth Doula workshop, they feel confident in their ability to support laboring families, AND already feel a strong sense of community and support through the group of people with whom they trained, and can carry that out to their individual communities as well.  My Birth Doula workshops are unique, but also cover all the important topics of labor and birth (which includes discussions on pain and coping techniques, positions, variations of the birth process, unexpected outcomes, scope of practice, listening skills, holding space, family integration, information on running a doula business and more).

If it would be helpful to have a payment plan, please contact me directly to arrange payments.  I also offer a discount on this workshop for military families.  Additionally, I offer discounts to midwifery students looking to complete a Birth Doula workshop (in Tacoma) which may be required by some midwifery school programs.  

Refund/Cancellation Policy for payments in full, all payment plans, and discounted plans: $150 of the registration fee is non-refundable.  The remaining amount can be refunded up to three weeks prior to the beginning of the workshop date for which you register.   After that time, no refunds are available.

In addition to above workshops, if you are interested in hosting a workshop in your area and need a certified trainer, please feel free to contact me to discuss the potential of me traveling to your location to provide a workshop.  

And always feel free to contact me directly for more information about any of the above!