Based on my strong belief in honoring life transitions, I offer a unique retirement workshop focusing on preparing individuals and couples for the emotional and psychological aspects of retirement.

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Garrett

Photo Courtesy of Jennifer Garrett

Many people spend time preparing for their financial needs in retirement.  However, very few truly prepare for the life transition that takes place when one retires.  As a Gerontologist, I have a deep passion for the second half of a person's life and the transitions that take time during this period of life.  I believe it is vitally important that we honor each person as they age, prepare for, and enter retirement.  Although it can be a time of additional freedom, it can also be a time of stress, confusion and redefinition.

This six week workshop is modeled after Dr. Ken Dychtwald's Five Stages of Retirement.  It is informational, intimate and fun!  This class is appropriate for anyone as they plan for retirement, whether you're in your 20s/30s/40s/50s or about ready to entire your retirement years in your 60s.  

The basic outline is as follows:

Session 1 – Imagination Stage

This is the time, often long prior to retirement, when people begin to imagine their retirement years.  This session will delve into how each person has imagined their retirement in the past and how that may have remained the same or changed in regards to how they imagine their retirement now (even if they're already in retirement).

Session 2 – Anticipation Stage

This is the time when one can only see the positive aspects of retirement and how happy they will be when it comes.  We will discuss this stage in a unique and visual manner.  Additionally a discussion of modern technology will be featured to show how people can easily continue to stay in touch with family, even if they choose to travel extensively in their retirement years. 

Session 3 – The Big Day Stage

The Big Day is when retirement truly begins and responsibilities and obligations have eased.  In this session, we will discuss in detail what this time might actually look like for each individual and/or couple and share ideas on how to make the first few days and weeks the most fulfilling.  The emotions involved with retirement, both good and bad, will be discussed along with a discussion on how to honor all these emotions as they are important parts of this major life transition.      

Session 4 - Reorientation

Reorientation is when reality sets back in and individuals are faced with the ups and downs of retirement.  Gender differences will be discussed this week and seasoned retiree guest speakers will share their stories.  A discussion of volunteer opportunities or bridge jobs will be held to review the idea of finding ways to continue to create meaning in each person's life.  Living options will also be covered.  Ultimately, the goal of this session is to address the emotional and psychological adjustments that come with retirement and how to remain vital and well, and take care of one's self and one's relationships as reorientation to a new time of life settles in.

Session 5 – Making Peace

The Making Peace stage occurs for most people about 15 years into retirement.  An animated discussion will be held in regards to how people see the ups and downs of 15 years of retirement and how they feel about finding acceptance with the end of their lives in late retirement.  A discussion about illness and/or death will be covered so people can begin, or continue, to address how they would like to plan for their own end-of-life and how preparing for these situations does not have to be all serious, but can, instead, be lighthearted and fun while still covering this important topic thoroughly. 

Session 6 – Closure and Honoring the Transition

This is graduation night and is an evening filled with poignant moments and reflection.  The evening is a culmination of the previous five soul-searching sessions dedicated to preparing for the emotional and psychological aspects of retirement.  Over these five sessions, each person's individual importance will be made clear and an emphasis will be placed on the understanding that this importance continues well into retirement.  Affirmations are made tonight to help solidify the importance of honoring the transition into retirement and continuing to live a full life.

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My cancellation policy for retirement workshops is that $50 of the registration fee is non-refundable.  The remaining amount can be refunded up to two weeks prior to the beginning of the workshop date for which you register.  After that time there are no refunds however the entire workshop fee can always be rolled over to another workshop if you find you are unable to make the one for which you registered.